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    Moving towards a
    healthier world.
    Changing consumption trends and food regulations, demand that
    the CPF industry ups its technology game to maximize returns.

Consumer Packaged Foods Overview

The packaged foods industry faces increasingly educated and health-conscious consumers whose consumption patterns are evolving. Options in the same category vary only slightly in terms of ingredients, quality and price. It therefore makes it pertinent for consumer packaged foods to operate efficiently and deliver to the high standards in order to stand out from the competition.

Challenges facing the CPF industry:

  • 1
    Changing health fads induce changing consumption trends which the CPF industries need to keep track of in real-time so that they can modify their products accordingly.
  • 2
    The globalised world poses a problem of fluctuating costs in transportation, global price points and food and safety regulations, which make the operating margins shrink while demanding quality.
  • 3
    CPF companies also need to track inventory of time-sensitive products - their storage and transportation so that they can provide better quality and respond immediately in the event of a targeted recall.
  • 4
    Coordinating inventory with consumer demand through various social media channels so that products can get to markets faster, increase revenues and also influence business strategies.

SuneraTech understands that CPF industries need solutions that go beyond being cost-effective. We implement and integrate technology that make businesses intelligent by providing real-time synchronization between inventory tracking, changes in consumer demands and government regulations.