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    Addressing unpredictable
    Tracking the consumer’s pulse while optimizing operations
    needs a holistic technology solution.

Consumer Goods Overview

The consumer goods industry faces a dual problem today: of keeping track of uncertain and changing consumer demands, and of delivering goods in near real-time. Disruptive digital technology has paved the way for an amorphous path of purchase, influenced by various social networking channels, making it difficult for consumer goods companies to operate at profitable levels. Also, the intermingling of the physical world with the digital has led to the rise of the Internet of Things, hence more than ever, the consumer goods industry needs to optimize and alter its processes while keeping consumer demands in sight.

Challenges facing the consumer goods industry:

  • 1
    A plethora of social media channels that influence consumer behaviour make it difficult for FMCG companies to track consumer feedback in real-time and act on it.
  • 2
    Retailers from different parts of the world need to be constantly connected with the company to keep track of moving goods, change in consumer purchase behaviour and demand for a particular product.
  • 3
    Inventory needs to be tracked from factory to transportation to warehouses and eventually the retailers while communicating it to other departments like finance, marketing and sales so that they all can run in tandem to increase productivity.
  • 4
    Consumer feedback needs to be constantly mined from closed-loop personal relationships and fed to product managers to enable innovation

Suneratech understands the need for robust CRM and ERP solutions so that consumer goods companies can influence and optimize operations while keeping in constant touch with the consumer through various social media channels.