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    Although technology has made significant advances into agriculture,
    it is unable to breakout and scale in reach due to language,
    geographical and cultural barriers.

Agricultural Overview

Agricultural yield has always been affected by the unpredictability of pests, climate and seed or soil productivity. Technology cannot be a silo – in order to address the challenges of farmers in emerging markets, it has to provide solutions that go beyond technology and address even unpredictable circumstances.

Industry Challenges

  • Farmers are unaware of technological advances that help them sow and reap better even in variable conditions. They need to be aware of such technologies so that they can have better yield.

  • Information about soil, seed-placement and usage of pesticides or fertilizers needs to be made available to farmers in the remotest of locations.

  • Weather forecasts and other critical information needs to be communicated to farmers in real-time so that they can keep track of changing conditions.

  • Farmers bear a lot of losses post-harvest – the World Food Programme estimates annual losses to the tune of 1.3 billion tonnes worldwide. This is driven primarily by poor supply-chain management.

SuneraTech’s Farmerconnect allows agricultural agencies to reach farmers irrespective of geography and language barriers. We connect you with SMEs (subject matter experts) to address the specific challenges of farmers. Our platform is also connected with portals that are updated with weather conditions and innovations which can be easily communicated to farmers in emerging markets.