Increased Patch Adoption and Dramatically Reduced Patching Efforts Through Automation

Key Technologies: Oracle EBS, RingMaster APM

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About The Client

Our customer is one of America’s leading transportation suppliers. Their network encompasses 21,000 route miles of track across the US and Canada.

The company serves nearly two-thirds of the American population through a network spanning 23 states, the District of Columbia and two Canadian provinces.

The Challenge

The customer was unable to apply Oracle EBS patches routinely due to several reasons:

  • No simple way to analyze and understand the impact of a patch.
  • Unable to merge multiple patches
  • Unable to schedule patch application in an automated fashion
  • Product post-application reports to list impacted objects and forms
  • Guiding BAs on what to test post-application

The Solution

The RingMaster Automated Patch Management (APM) solution automated the entire patching process for the customer. It provided a pre-application analysis and a post-application report on the impact of the patch. It also automated the patch download and application processes, thereby significantly reducing the change management process.

The Result

  • 35% reduction in patch application time
  • 50% time saved for the DBA

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