finEngine Improves Scalability for Peak Demands With Oracle Integration Cloud

Key Technologies: Oracle Integration Cloud Services

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About finEngine

finEngine helps the largest stock brokerage banks on Wall Street, traders, managers and brokers, and at every side and stage in the trading process with the use of digital tools, and services focused on equity trading. finEngine’s services include business consulting, integration services, customer support and custom software development.

The Challenges

finEngine’s was dealing with a high-cost infrastructure which also threatened the company’s scalability. finEngine’s infrastructure runs the following:

Trade Order Routing allowing traders to buy or sell stocks without the hassle of going out and actually hunting for shares.

Decision Making Platform with sophisticated analytical tools allowing traders to make better decisions about what to buy or sell based on a simple overview of markets and trends. finEngine needed the right infrastructure that could handle these applications while cutting the high-costs of running them.

The Solution

  • Suneratech migrated finEngine’s high-cost infrastructure to Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC).

The Result

  • Under OIC, finEngine’s scalability has been dramatically improved for peak demands.


  • “Suneratech’s seamless migration of Trade Order Routing and Decision Making Platform to Oracle Integration Cloud is a direct result of finEngine’s scalability.”


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