• Se​​​​​rvice​Next – ​​Demystifying Artificial Intelligence Chatbots for the Enterprise

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    ServiceNext – Demystifying Artificial
    ​Intelligence Chatbots for the Enterprise

​Harnessing the power of Artificial intelligence (AI) is a top priority for many CEOs. But with all the noise around AI, CIOs and IT executives find the strategic opportunities of AI mystifying and often don’t know where to begin.​

Get started on your Chatbot journey with the “Demystifying AI Webinar”


Vinil Vadi
CEO & Co-Founder,

Anthony Gonzales
CEO & Co-Founder​,
Force Impact Technologies

Key Take-Aways
  • Get started with a pre-built smart bots for faster time-to-market and Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Case studies and demos for Chatbot use cases and implementation and best practices​
  • Learn to build a Smart Business Case for Chat-bots
  • Learn if your business qualifies for the “No-Risk | Zero Investment | Proof-of Value program”