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​Lift ​& Shift ​Workloads to
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

​Friday, ​October ​​1​9, 2018

Migrate, Manage, Modernize Moving Workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

In ​This ​Webinar ​You ​Will ​Learn

Lift & Shift

Extend the life of your investment in applications by migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, JDE, as well as non-Oracle workloads migrate to scalable, high performance, and secure OCI.

Lower TCO, downsize data centers, and improve overall application performance.

Managed Services

Migrating applications is sometimes just the first step in an overall longer process of digital transformation.

With a managed service partner you can focus on the performance of your business knowing that your application, network, data, and security environment are being managed by a trusted partner with long experiences.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is not a one step process, nor a one stop-shop.

Digital transformation is an on-going process of incorporating new tools and new ways of doing business, to digitalize processes, and increase analytics and control.

Cloud solutions are one step, what are the others?

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​​Friday, ​October ​​1​9, 2018

​Leading Companies Migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

​​Talks about how Suneratech helped them migrate their workloads from IBM sterling to Oracle Cloud.

Eric Doty, IT Manager
​Greenworks Tools

Explains how Oracle, together with Suneratech as a Strategic Partner helped Adidas migrate to Oracle’s cloud infrastructure, increasing speed to market.

Vishal Kapil, Director – IT

​Oracle OpenWorld 2018​

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