Automate, accelerate, and orchestrate the threat
lifecycle through cybersecurity defense strategies


Enterprises are achieving market differentiations by adopting Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning Artificial intelligence, and IoT to meet their digital transformation objectives. This results in the enterprises exposing themselves to cybersecurity vulnerabilities, with a high possibility of the connected systems getting adversely affected. To keep up with the volume of threats, the existing traditional methods of vulnerability identifications must be replaced with robust, smart and innovative security validations.

Suneratech provides an extensive portfolio of cybersecurity solutions designed to maximize protection of data assets from any threats and compliancy. We provide advanced threat trajectories, regulatory landscape and resiliency to identify the right cybersecurity service needed to keep your infrastructure safe. Whether you are just starting your migration to cloud, are re-evaluating the cloud architecture you’ve built, we will inform, guide, support and reinforce your cloud security choices.

Our Methodology

Suneratech provides a 360° view of the security ecosystem to identify and eliminate the blind spots while resolving the upcoming threads, enabling you to focus on your digital transformation. We develop a cybersecurity strategy capable to protect your current environment while supporting day-to-day operations, revenue goals and future growth parallelly. This includes:
  • Develop security strategies aligned to business goals.
  • Identify gaps, manage risk, and allocate resources to address them.
  • Assess current program state and develop a cybersecurity roadmap accordingly.
  • Implement leading security practices and execute your security strategy.

Success Stories

Suneratech is a pioneer in multi-cloud IT solution with a global footprint in America, Canada and India. We have time-tested expertise in enabling end-to-end cloud services and, solutions for various industries with proven results.

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