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With the advancement in computing, storage technologies and networking have put high-performance computing (HPC), data analytics, AI and ML connect with more applications for effective performance. Whether it is financial performance, product development cycles, a better understanding of molecular-level interactions, or more efficient ways to simulate the behavior of materials at the nanoscale, High-Performance Computing (HPC) issued to resolve these complicated computing problems.

Suneratech offers comprehensive solutions for High-Performance Computing based on loosely coupled clusters, SMP, accelerator-based systems, high-performance storage & application parallelization. We have designed domain-specific solutions considering the challenges and business requirements of respective industry verticals. Besides, our services can help organizations to optimize and overcome obstacles to parallelism by adopting revolutionary approaches to HPC.

AI/ML Capabilities
Current AI and Machine Learning gives enterprises endless possibilities to grow their businesses without too much dependency on manual interventions. We help customers to implement human like intelligence into machines to automate repeated tasks, detect and deter security threads and fraud, predict user actions and suggest recommendations, process thousands of images. We use these insights to introduce speech recognition and convert text from audio or audio from text, language translation on the fly, forecast by processing historical data, and much more.

We help customers to establish an effective AI strategy into their application with the help of fast computing environment (AI specific infrastructures), AI specific frameworks like TensorFlow, Caffe, CNTK, Platform like Amazon ML, Amazon Sagemaker, Nvidia DGX and NGC, and cloud specific AI services like Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Polly, Amazon Lex and many more to quickly build, train and deploy learning models at scale on cloud or on premise.

HPC Competency
  • IP & Innovation Led: Ganana Cluster Manager & Ganana Job Submission Portal shortens end users learning curve to run HPC jobs on cloud or on-prem.
  • Unique Methodology: Provision a complete HPC environment (on-prem or Cloud) for the entire lifecycle of HPC Infra and application.
  • Containers: Use container technology for faster and agile application provisioning.
  • Recognized Leaders: Recognized by Global Corporations in HPC with more than 200 Deployments.
  • Across Verticals & Workloads: Acknowledged strengths in Defence, Life-Science, Energy (O&G), Scientific Research, Auto & Engineering, Pharma & BFSI.
  • Automation: Effectively use Cloud and Automation to speed up HPC clusters(CPU/GPU), Storage & Network provisioning.
HPC Skills
  • OS – Redhat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows
  • CM – Ganana, CMU, HCS, BCM, xCAT, Rocks
  • Virtualization – Docker, Kubernetes, VMware, Citrix, Hyper-V
  • Language – PHP, Shell Script, Jenkins, Ansible
  • Monitoring & Logs – Splunk, ELK, MRTG, ManageEngine, Grafana, Ganglia, NagiOS
  • File System – Lustre, GPFS, BeeGFS
  • Schedulers – SLURM, LSF, PBS Pro, Grid Engine
  • Applications – Open Source, Commercial, and GPU Based
  • Data Base – RDS, Redshift, MariaDB
  • Private Cloud – OpenStack, CloudStack, AzureStack
  • Public Cloud – AWS, Azure

Success Stories

Suneratech is a pioneer in multi-cloud IT solution with a global footprint in America, Canada and India. We have time-tested expertise in enabling end-to-end cloud services and, solutions for various industries with proven results.

Tracfone Improved Customer Experience Resulting in 35% Less Customer Churn

Tracfone Improved Customer Experience Resulting in 35% Less Customer Churn

Migration of the TracFone's data to AWS Data Lake as a solution to increase its efficiency resulting in 35% customer churn.View Case Study
Re-platforming & Migrating EBS to AWS Cloud

Re-platforming & Migrating EBS to AWS Cloud

Re-Platform from HPUX to Linux on-prem, upgraded DB from to on-prem & Migrated the EBS App 12.1.3/DB to AWS.View Case Study
Hassle-free Migration of Business Apps to AWS

Hassle-free Migration of Business Apps to AWS

Multi-cloud strategy for the client, making IT transformation easier & reduced OpEx from US$ 21 million in 2019 to US$ 15 million in 2020View Case Study
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BRAC University

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