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Zero Cost Cloud Migration

Zero Cost Cloud Transformation (ZCCT)

Suneratech has announced Zero Cost Cloud Transformation Program to move customers to the cloud. As part of ZCCT program, Suneratech migrates all the workloads from either existing datacenter or Other Cloud Infrastructure (including AWS or Azure) to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) at ZERO Migration cost.

Free 100 Hours of Cloud Consulting Credits

Use Free Suneratech Cloud Consulting Credits for any Cloud related project or activity, including cloud migration Proofs of Concept (PoC), utilization of unused Universal Cloud Credits (UCC), migration of workloads from on-premise to the Cloud or from other Cloud environments like AWS, Azure or even OCI Classic to next gen Oracle OCI, and more.

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Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

Addressing Complex Business Challenges with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

Suneratech along with Oracle provides multiple Data Warehouse offerings, including on-premises and on-cloud environments enabling efficient handling of huge volumes of data, migrations and Data Warehouse ETL.

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Cloudtestr Platform – Automate your Cloud Application Testing like a BOSS

Cloudtestr Platform – Automate your Cloud Application Testing like a BOSS

Are you experiencing challenges in validating the Quarterly releases you receive for your cloud applications? Are you looking shift to continuous automated testing models from traditional testing processes?

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