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Engage your sales channels. Personalize the offerings for customers. Sell more

Reach customers where they are,
with loyalty-inspiring experiences

Through Retail Intelligence Platform – Meltag

  • Increase retailer footprint, counter sales, and customer satisfaction.
  • Forecast sales for the peak and off-peak seasons through powerful analytics.
  • Run hyper-personalized campaigns for customers based on demographics.
  • Track campaign performance and make real-time changes for the best results.
  • Engage channels with tailor-made offerings, rewards, and incentives.

Customer Loyalty

  • Stay connected with your customers by communicating periodically.
  • Offer them rewards to further improve the engagement.
  • Roll out personalized offerings as per the buyer journey to improve sales.
  • Introduce points, redemptions, and leaderboards for gamification.

Retargeting and Campaigns

  • Run targeted campaigns based on customer behavior to convert more.
  • Reach out to the customers with the right offers on multiple platforms.
  • Time your campaigns well to have a larger impact.
  • Send customized offerings based on the user persona

Churn Reduction

  • Drive campaigns to bring back inactive customers.
  • Design interactions for inactive customers exclusively.
  • Create communication that invokes the right customer response.
  • Forecast low engagement rates and take preventive actions.

Omnichannel Engagement

  • Reach customers through different platforms like email, SMS, mobile app, web app, and more.
  • Create integrated campaigns to connect with customers through different channels.
  • Reach customers directly without having any disruptions in between.
  • Optimize the campaign and use the most effective channels for enhanced engagement.

AI-Driven Intelligence

  • Use advanced analytics to collect and analyze the right customer data points.
  • Improve long-term and short-term engagement by predicting customer behavior.
  • Gain a single customer view that helps you with decision-making.
  • Monitor the field force and forecast sales to meet the demand.

Drive loyalty and sales with the powerful platform – Meltag.

  • AI-Driven Platform: AI algorithms to optimize the campaigns based on performance.
  • Automation-enabled Campaigns: Trigger right messages to the audience as per the buyer journey.
  • Analytics-based Forecasting: Use predictive analytics models to avert risks, and be future-ready.

Cloud-based | Customized Web & Mobile Apps | Real-time Monitoring

Why Choose Us?

  • Deep Experience: We’ve empowered 300+ clients around the globe in the last 15 years.
  • Zero-cost Model: No overwhelming implementation costs attached. Simple pricing structure based on consumption.
  • Consumption-based Pricing: Pay-as-you-go model for you to leverage full value.

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