HR Automation Suite

Automate HR processes for extreme efficiency and all-new employee experience.

Complete HR Transformation for a Connected & Digital Workforce

  • Now attract the right talent in your organization and retain them with the elevated employee experience.
  • Offer them a self-service portal, automated onboarding platform to build high engagement.
  • Customize workflows and HR requests to suit your business needs. Reduce manual intervention.
  • Gain real-time visibility on employee activities in their journey. Make decisions that enable better employee retention.

Employee Hiring and Onboarding

  • Reduce paperwork, eliminate redundant form-filling, onboard employees faster.
  • Offer a rich end-to-end unbroken onboarding experience by providing all info.
  • Improve employee engagement during onboarding and offer the right orientation.
  • Ensure all processes are completed to achieve high levels of compliance and accuracy.


  • Lower the administrative overheads and save time by automating timesheets and reminders.
  • Automate approval processes. Empower managers with more insights.
  • Offer insights to management by giving accurate billing and time information.
  • Improve project management by measuring overall project efficiency.

Employee Offboarding

  • With automation, cut manual dependencies for guidance, documents, and processes.
  • Take the burden off your HR department, complete offboarding faster.
  • Streamline end-to-end processes, automatically involve the right departments at the right time.
  • Enhance employee experience by making the process easy and less overwhelming.

Leave Management

  • Customize various approvals regarding employee leaves as per hierarchy and departments.
  • Allow employees to fetch leave balances, leave history, upcoming holidays, etc. Without any HR support.
  • Eliminate manual errors with automation so that payroll calculation is accurate.
  • Easily maintain records of employee leaves, and access attendance-related info in real-time.

Expense Claims

  • Make your processes easier and faster by eliminating manual approvals and paperwork.
  • Reimburse your employees faster to enhance employee satisfaction.
  • Avoid errors to make accurate payments, eliminate wrongful payments due to duplication.
  • Easily enforce policies that accept only correct claims. Create an audit trail for better compliance.


  • Automate FAQs and let the bot answer all the employee queries.
  • Reduce calls, emails related to HR, IT, benefits, leaves, and other policies to save time.
  • Answer employee queries 24×7 without any manual intervention.
  • Improve employee experience by always making the info accessible.

Deep Business Integrations

  • Our platform offers an array of pre-built deep-integration options with business apps.
  • Integrate apps like SAP, Workday Oracle Business Applications, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and more.
  • Easily integrate using APIs with different systems without requiring pages of coding.
  • Let the bot complete transactions, recommend the next action, and send alerts and notifications.

Why Choose Us?

  • Deep Experience: We’ve helped around 300+ global customers in the last 15 years.
  • Zero-cost Model: No set-up and implementation costs.
  • Consumption-based Pricing: Pay-as-you-go model for you to leverage full value.
  • Best Industry Practices: ROQS (RPA Opportunity Qualification Scoring) to create a complete roadmap for the automation journey.
  • Prebuilt Use Cases: Around 80+ prebuilt use cases across the industry for automation.

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