Manufacturing Intelligence

Elevated operational efficiency and productivity with intelligent automation

Whether you move products or make them, you need efficiency – kickstart with automation

  • We help manufacturing companies like yours control production and quality, avert undesired downtime, manage inventory, and optimize raw material mixes.
  • With intelligent automation, we ensure that there’s minimal/no waste.
  • To sum up, we make you become efficient.


  • Automate BOM to eliminate time-intensive and erroneous data entry.
  • Avert unwanted downtimes in production with predictive maintenance analytics.
  • Streamline production by integrating materials, equipment, and labor.
  • Improve production planning with real-time info on material and supply chain.

Supplier Management

  • Automate vendor mapping, selection, and onboarding vendors to save time.
  • Streamline invoice management for faster settling of invoices after automated reviews and approvals.
  • Evaluate the vendors through the key metrics and make data-driven decisions.
  • With real-time information and key insights into supplier performance, reduce the risks attached to suppliers.


  • Eliminate redundant steps in the purchase requisition process and save time with automation.
  • Automate purchase order cycle to improve process efficiency and productivity.
  • Approve low-value invoices automatically and streamline other invoices for a faster turnaround.
  • Secure all purchasing data and access them at fingertips – be it RFQ, PO, RFI, etc

Inventory and Planning

  • Maximize scalability by cutting down dependencies on spreadsheets and emails.
  • With automation, have real-time visibility on inventory to track it.
  • Optimize inventory to avoid under/over stocking situations.
  • Improve cash flow by reducing inventory holding costs.


  • Reduce transportation costs by optimizing the delivery routes.
  • Ensure products reach at the right time by improving delivery time.
  • Track product movement in real-time and keep stakeholders updated.
  • With actionable insights and key metrics available, make decisions to boost operational efficiency.

Customer Delivery

  • Track all order updates and ensure timely delivery.
  • Handle customer complaints, warranty claims, and counterfeiting issues.
  • Easily verify returns and enhance accuracy in the process.
  • Garner more inputs from customers to improve service quality.

The Manufacturing of the Future: Automated and Intelligent

  • AI-Driven Platform: AI, ML-based algorithms to help you anticipate and adapt to real market conditions.
  • Automation-Powered Processes: Use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to reduce manual dependencies and process costs.
  • Analytics-based Forecasting: Leverage predictive analytics models to mitigate risks.

Why Choose Us?

  • Deep Experience: Suneratech has helped more than 300+ clients across the globe in their digital transformation initiatives in the last 15 years.
  • Zero-cost Model: Zero costs for implementation. Outcome-based pricing to ensure value realization in the early stages.

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