Digital Supply Chain
Solution – eSeal

Eliminate waste from your Supply Chain, make it efficient.

Demand and
Supply Planning

  • Easily forecast demand and sales using eSeal.
  • Reduce your forecasting error so that you can sell more.
  • Stock 15% less inventory & at the same time never go out of stock.
  • Gain crucial insights and sell personalized products and services


  • Manage raw material inventory, vendor selection, and Purchase Orders.
  • Automate vendor selection to pick the best option.
  • Bring down processing costs.
  • Increase efficiency in purchase order execution to save a lot of time.


  • Make your production management efficient by increasing material availability.
  • Increase manufacturing throughput, and inventory turnover.
  • With predictive analytics, reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce spare parts stock.

Warehousing and Fulfillment

  • Use eSeal to optimize your distribution capacity.
  • Increase availability of your finished goods to sell more.
  • Optimize cash flow by bringing down the inventory holding costs by 35-75%.
  • Get real-time visibility on inventory and distribution.


  • Optimize the best route using eSeal analytics to reduce transportation costs.
  • Reduce customer service operating costs and administrative costs.
  • Identify logistics capacity and improve distribution.
  • Let the products reach the right place at the right time.

Sales and After-Sales

  • Engage all channels and gain more visibility on the territories.
  • Reduce counterfeiting and time taken to file a warranty claim.
  • Improve accuracy in the verification of returns.
  • Get insights into customer feedback and quality issues.

End-to-End Supply Chain

  • Create a transparent supply chain with a higher degree of customer connection.
  • Cut the disruptions in the channels, reach directly.
  • Trace products in the supply chain and get real-time WIP visibility.
  • Fetch product information easily at any time

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