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  • Supply Chain Traceability and Optimization
    Where’s your stock
    eSeal SCO gives you real-time visibility
    and traceability of your stock across the
    entire supply chain, down to the components.

Supply Chain Digitalization Overview

Achieve visibility and traceability of your entire supply chain in real time with our Supply Chain Digitalization technology.

Key Benefits

  • Visibility of Supply Chain

    Gain real-time clarity of the entire supply chain journey from raw materials to consumption.

  • Supply Chain Efficiency

    Automation of the supply chain improves efficiency by maintaining fresh stocks, avoiding product losses, enabling precise accounting, and cutting down on labor costs.

  • Minimize false claims and returns

    Confirm all returns, perform quality metrics and enable back-to-back supplier warranty claims.

  • Two-way traceability

    With our digital platform, track the process of production of an SKU from raw material, and also that of the shipped product to the customer via warehouses and distributors.

  • Touchless ERP Updates

    Our AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) technology enables constant tracking of production, enumeration, stock transfer, sales, and returns, and updates the ERP accordingly.

Key Features

  • Supplier Traceability

    Our technology enables complete traceability of every component/raw material right from its fabrication and packing by suppliers to its receipt at the production facility.

  • Production Control

    Digitalization of supply chain means that all data related to a finished product – components, assembling systems, personnel, quality control metrics – are linked securely to it. This ensures quality traceability.

  • Warehouse Management

    With automatic updates to your ERP system, keep track of all stock received, stored, retrieved, shipped, and delivered. Secondary sales can be similarly followed by enabling this management system in supplier warehouses also.

  • On-the-go Sales

    Mobile applications enable sales personnel to inspect, liquidate, and order stock while on the field, on the go. Our technology integrates the mobile technology with existing ERP systems for seamless transfer of information in real time.

  • Consumer Connect

    Consumers can stay informed about products and prices, and also give timely feedback about their buying experience. This generates important consumer data for further analytics.