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Electronic Distribution Overview

Electronic distribution helps you develop your market beyond “territories” directly to millions of customers and retailers across the world. It boosts your revenue, cutting down on traditional distribution and sales costs by selling your products at global marketplaces.

Key Benefits

  • Explore new geographies

    Expand business and acquire new customers in hitherto unexplored regions across the globe.

  • Boost your profits

    Use global marketplaces to distribute and sell your products, and save on costs associated with traditional distribution, marketing, and sales.

  • Sell it all

    Catalog and sell every unit on inventory, achieving full stock clearances with ease.

  • Inventory Control at your fingertips

    Choose your market, channel, SKU, inventory, and price according to your convenience, in real time.

  • Connect with customers

    Provide real-time product information and support to customers on multiple channels for enhanced customer experience.

Key Features

  • Virtual Distribution

    Gain access to millions of customers and thousands of retailers throughout the world through virtual marketplaces. Experience painless listing and selling of SKUs without worrying about stocking inventory.

  • Targeted Sales

    Electronic distribution platform enables sales at specific locations with allocated distribution centers to serve those locations.

  • Centralized Management

    Distribution platform enables complete control of sales by defining the content and pricing of products and by selection of parameters such as markets, geographies, inventory, channels, and so on.

  • ERP Connect

    Hook up your ERP system with our electronic distribution platform to enable automated, real-time management of sales, processing, delivery, returns, and so on.

  • Logistics Control

    Effortlessly organize various logistics functions such as deliveries, invoice printing, tracking, and returns.