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Why CloudTestr?

Faster Release Validation

Faster Release Validation

4X faster release testing with 1/5 cost of manual testing and 100% test coverage through automation testing

Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis

Impact analysis of the new release or feature updates on current functionality and implementation

Auto Health Checks

Auto Health Checks

Auto Health Check routines to ensure no process slowdowns or security breakdowns

Testing as a Service

Testing as a Service

Ensure uninterrupted and efficient testing with our SMEs and Pre-built test libraries

Automated Patch Release Validation

Test Automation of critical business processes to ensure there is no disruption during implementation and post implementation R1/ R2 releases
  • Intuitive Dashboards to provide complete visibility on testing progress
  • Downloadable result files for analysis and easy troubleshooting
Get Automation up and running in less than 4 weeks

Workday Subject Matter expertise

Free up your business users from repetitive manual testing and focus on business critical tasks

  • SME support through the testing cycle
  • 100s of pre-built test scenarios
  • Impact analysis of new Workday releases

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Make Testing a Non-Event
Let us do the testing for you and make testing your Workday releases a Non-event by leveraging Automated Testing as a Service.

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CloudTestr is unique in that is a complete solution that can automate all aspects of testing, from functional and regression to systems integration. Additionally, each CloudTestr customer is supported by our product SME’s and our library of pre-built test cases to ensure efficient onboarding and close any gaps in test coverage.

As part of CloudTestr Testing as a Service offering, Suneratech team will onboard (configure), maintain and execute the automated functional, Regression and Integration test cases for all implemented modules. Customers also get access to the CloudTestr portal with access to real time dashboard with Test metrics, downloadable test case documentation and test results documentation.

Your internal teams will have access to the secure CloudTestr portal to review test case results, view/download test case documentation, and Quality dashboard for test metrics.

The CloudTestr team is responsible for creating, maintaining, and executing automated test cases. However, prior to developing and running test cases, the Customer/SI Partner would be requested to provide inputs on customer specific personalization’s, test data and approve the test cases to be part of the scope of the engagement.

Yes, integration testing is an important requirement for customers across enterprises.
CloudTestr supports automation of integrations. We will work with customers to gather information on their integrations and automate.

Once we review the documentation provided and access the application to understand the customer specific implementation, we would request time from your SME for any clarifications we need based on our review. This could be 12-15 hours during the onboarding period.

We can have automation up and running in 4-6 weeks.

Suneratech will work with Customer/SI Partner to understand the implementation schedule and propose the best time to get engaged to provide customer/SI partner ability to rollout quickly without impacting quality. The ideal time to engage is early stages of implementation to start creating automated tests and leveraging them for continuous testing through SIT and UAT phases.

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