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Thursday, ​October ​11, 2018

There are 5000 SaaS Customers and all of them need to do updates and release validations. This huge task for customers is a big opportunity to provide an Oracle Cloud based Testing-as-a-Service solution.

​Cloud Application Testing is a Huge Opportunity

  • ​Year-end patching for HCM and Payroll is massive task
  • ​Requires QA experts, tools to build frameworks & automate
  • ​Need to invest in additional support for Change Management
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    ​High Capex investment to build, operate and maintain the solution

Cloudtestr Test Automation Testing as a Service

  • ​Cloudtestr is a next generation Enterprise QA platform designed to test and validate enterprise applications
  • ​Cloudtestr automates patching
  • ​Cloudtestr automates testing of PaaS and On-Premise integrations
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    ​Suneratech and Oracle have together to create innovative Pay as you Go testing platform on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Huge Customer Benefits

  • ​Reduce time to validate
  • ​Reduce manual efforts
  • ​Improve quality of rollouts
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    ​Lower TCO
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    ​Expand Oracle’s OCI footprint into SaaS Customers

Every single Oracle Cloud Application customer is a potential Cloudtestr (and OCI) Customer!

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​Thursday, ​October ​11, 2018

Industry Peers Are Leading the Way

Cloudtestr is a script-less testing automation platform that enables simplified test creation, test-cycle management, integrated test execution and reporting

ActiVision increases testing ROI by 50% with Cloudtestr by reducing validation time, faster go-live, and dramatic reduction of manual transactions.

​Michelle Bencomo, Manager, Global HRIS
​Activision Blizzard

​Talks about his experience of working with Testing Automation Solution Provider Suneratech.

​Sanjay Gupta, Deputy CIO
​Neopost, USA

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