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    Keep up with the speed
    of application changes.
    Test your patches, customizations and integrations
    – all under one roof.


Our Testing-as-a-Service offering bundles a team of testing experts with the industry-leading testing automation tool – Cloudtestr – and a comprehensive suite of pre-built testing assets that combine to reduce your testing cycle to a week.

Why Testing-as-a-Service

  •  Addresses all your testing requirements with the highest level of automation
  •  Works with a wide range of environments
  •  Delivers unit testing, system testing, performance testing and UAT
  •  Subscription-based pricing model, so there are no surprises
  •  50% reduction in testing efforts
  •  80% reduction in defects post patch application
  •  Support services in a shared pool model

We are platform agnostic.

Our testing solution is offered across most popular testing platforms. Irrespective of the platform, Cloudtestr automates test execution for patches, updates and product changes.

Works with both on-premise and cloud applications

We manage testing of Oracle on-premise enterprise applications, applications on Oracle IaaS, as well as cloud applications.

Works for the entire testing cycle

With constantly updated testing content, Cloudtestr provides a scriptless framework that automates test creation in addition to test execution and maintenance. Further, our Testing-as-a-Service tests integrations and product customizations as required.

Why Our Customers Love Us

“When I was first introduced to Suneratech, I didn’t know much about technology, or about the cloud. Suneratech did a fabulous job of converting my vision statement into business requirements, business requirements into technical requirements, and building the app in as little as 90 days”

Director | The Factory