Cloud Migration Benefits Assessment
with FREE Business Case

Why SAP on AWS?

Migration Benefits SAP on AWS?

How Zero Cost SAP Migration?

Your prescriptive business case to mobilize the Zero Cost cloud migration strategy for SAP workloads – running with speed, precision, reduced TCO, deployed on a reliable, secure architecture.


Infrastructure assessment

  • Discovery-based approach and questionnaire to perform infrastructure assessment and deliver the best recommendation for your AWS Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Includes FREE deployment of Sunera’s proprietary migration assessment tools

Establish business case and articulate benefits for SAP ECC cloud migration strategy to AWS

  • Zero Cost Cloud Migration strategy to self-fund your SAP ECC migration to AWS
  • Right size your cloud framework to improve speed, precision, performance modelled on a reliable and secure architecture
  • Fast-track your backup and recovery options
  • Robust DR set-up
  • Two-hour discovery assessment: platform, applications, governance, operational, processes, security, people & integration
  • One-hour executive briefing: review readiness scores, executive graphs, statement on expectations for the target benefit outcomes for the proposed migration readiness structure

NOTE: Following discovery assessment Suneratech will take about 48 to 72 hours to articulate and deliver the business case depending on the landscape complexity

  • Key considerations: Zero Cost Migration, Infrastructure, Technology, Operations, Staff productivity, Business continuity – move SAP workloads to AWS: Now, Safe and Fast
  • Articulate improvements: performance, latency, security, accessibility, auto scaling and speed to spin up new environments
  • Watch your costs go down and productivity rise and soar with less need for human intervention coupled with real-time data connectedness – we will ensure the cloud works for you!
  • FREE proof-of-concept to design the win for you showcasing articulated benefits of TCO savings and ROI analysis with real-time pilot

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