Centralized Oracle Data Warehouse Keeps Easy Healthcare’s Data Consistent and Easily Accessible

Key Technologies: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Computer Services

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About Easy Healthcare Corporation

Easy Healthcare Corporation provides healthcare, fitness and medical devices for healthcare and fitness professionals as well as individual users. Reliable quality, easy to use, and smart design are the shared features Easy Healthcare’s products. Some of their best selling brands include Areta, Easy@Home and SweetieSong​

The Challenges

Easy Healthcare did not have a centralized data warehouse which brought forth the following challenges:

  • Difficulty accessing data.
  • When data was accessed, it was redundant, inconsistent, and incorrect.

The Solution

Suneratech helped with provisioning of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to create a centralized data warehouse with Oracle Data warehouse.

The Result

  • With a centralized Oracle Data warehouse, Easy Healthcare’s data is stored in a consistent, easy to access and non-redundant form.


  • “Thanks to Suneratech’s guidance and support, Easy Healthcare no longer has to deal with redundant and inconsistent data – only the single version of the truth.”

    Easy Healthcare Corporation

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