Tracfone Improved Customer Experience Resulting in 35% Less Customer Churn


Tracfone Improved Customer Experience Resulting in 35% Less Customer Churn


About the client:

TracFone is one of the largest wireless service providers in the U.S. The company has a customer base of more than 25 million users. Using innovative solutions, the company has been disrupting the cellular communication industry for more than two decades. TracFone offers in-budget, high-quality, and seamless wireless service across the country.

Case Study Overview:

TracFone approached SuneraTech for an end-to-end solution to tackle these challenges. SuneraTech offered migration of the TracFone’s data to AWS Data Lake as a solution to increase its efficiency. As a result of SuneraTech’s brainstorming sessions with TracFone Wireless, the company can now leverage the benefits of Data Lake and Data Intelligence. This initiation allowed the company to improve customer churn.

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