iVision Solutions Leverages Oracle Database’s Modernized Application and Investment Protection of Up to 2022

Key Technologies: Oracle Database

    iVision Solutions Leverages Oracle Database’s Modernized Application and Investment Protection of Up to 2022

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    About iVision Solutions

    iVision’s goal is to build solid relationships around effective communication by working closely with companies and organizations. By identifying each of their client’s specific database management needs, iVision Solutions creates a custom, centralized system using proprietary software. From consultation to support, iVision Solutions works with their customers every step of the way to ensure better business practices.

    Key Technologies: Oracle Database

    The Challenges

    iVision had 7 servers (App Servers & DB Servers) and they were using CLEARS application on it. iVision’s application tier and hardware had reached End of Life (EOL) as the their datacenter which hosted iVision’s applications, were closing down their operations.

    Another challenge faced by iVision is lack of 24×7 support for their application, which impacted the availability of the same to their users.

    The Solution

    Suneratech solution comprise of upgrade and migration of iVision’s application tier to weblogic 12c, database to oracle database 12c, forms and reports to developer 12c, and provide managed infrastructure, database and application administration services for the CLEARS application.

    The Result

    iVision is able to reap the benefits of a modernized application platform, which provides the latest functionalities and an investment protection up to year 2022, including improved application availability with 24×7 support coverage.

    “IVision is concerned with the aging hardware and old technology stack of CLEARS platform. Our top Priority is to modernise CLEARS technology stack and build scalability into the solution. Suneratech helped achieve both objectives by upgrading the technology stack to WebLogic 12c and oracle database 12c and migrating the solution to Oracle cloud.”
    Bijoy NairChief Architect at iVision Solutions

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