IdentityMind Global Found a Scalable, Cost-effective, Infrastructure Solution with Oracle Cloud and Suneratech​

    IdentityMind Global Found a Scalable, Cost-effective, Infrastructure Solution with Oracle Cloud and Suneratech​

    About IdentityMind Global

    IdentityMind GlobalTM is the Trusted Digital Identity company, headquartered in Palo Alto, CA.

    IdentityMind’s software platform is used by Fintech and Money Service Businesses like Gold money, Bitt, Silicon Valley Bank, etc. The platform allows the financial companies to perform identity proofing, risk-based authentication, regulatory identification, and ultimate detect and prevent synthetic identities, and stolen identities.​

    Key Technologies: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OIC), Oracle Cloud Database (DBCS)

    The Challenges

    • IdentityMind was unable to scale up its on-premise, third party hosted environment to meet peak workload demands of its end customers​.
    • Skyrocketing operational costs imposed by hosting services provider restricted IdentityMind in provisioning a scalable infrastructure.
    • Underutilized storage capacity was a key concern in containing infrastructure costs.

    The Solution

    In order to scale up IdentityMind Global’s on-premise, third party hosted environment, and lower costs, Suneratech introduced the following:

    • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OIC)
    • Oracle Cloud Database (DBCS)​
    • Suneratech’s Application Migration & Managed Cloud Services

    The Result

    • A scalable Infrastructure solution that suit their budget​.
    • Perfect load balancing of critical workloads as demanded by business need, optimized storage with provision to add capacity.​
    • POC to benchmark performance against hosted solution.
    “IdentityMind Global identified a scalable, cost effective, infrastructure solution with Oracle Cloud and value driven and cost effective cloud managed services with Suneratech.”
    Rodrigo BalanNetwork Operations Manager

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