Fuel & Logistics

Key Technologies: Oracle EBS, RingMaster APM

    Fuel & Logistics

    About The Client

    Our customer is a global leader in the downstream marketing and financing of fuel products. They have a heavily customized Oracle environment with lots of complex custom applications tailored to meet the demands of their business transactions across geographies.

    Improved Productivity by Optimizing Testing Efforts
    Key Technologies: Oracle EBS, RingMaster APM

    The Challenges

    Frequent mergers and acquisitions have resulted in a complex IT environment requiring continuous integration and customization of different systems. Frequent outages have resulted in loss of productivity and customer confidence.

    The customer was using a combination of manual and automated regression testing using QTP. There were about 700 manual test cases and about 1000 QTP test cases already, leading to issues in maintenance and in automation of new scenarios quickly trying to keep pace with the ever changing applications.

    The Solution

    The customer deployed CloudTestr for better maintenance and faster automation of new test scenarios.

    The 700 manual scenarios were rationalized and converted to automated test cases and the 1000 QTP scripts were also rationalized and converted to CloudTestr test cases for easier future maintenance. It also enabled the Functional Analysts to execute test thereby leading to more optimized testing efforts.

    The visible improvements resulted in the customer moving from QTP to CloudTestr over the next two quarters.

    The Result

    • 70% increase in automated test coverage
    • 50% reduction in overall testing efforts
    • 35% reduction in defects leaked to production
    • 25% reduction in cycle time

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