Chipotle saved 40% on TCO by “Re-hosting” high value applications through efficient utilization of Cloud Infrastructure


    Chipotle saved 40% on TCO by “Re-hosting” high value applications through efficient utilization of Cloud Infrastructure


    Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. is a US based chain of fast casual restaurants, with presence in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and France. Chipotle specializes in tacos and mission-style burritos. It is one of the first chains of fast casual dining establishments. Its name derives from “Chipotle”, the Nahuatl name for a smoked and dried jalapeño chili pepper.

    Reduction in TCO: 40%

    Reduction in OpEx: 30%

    OCI Performance: 3X


    After realizing the benefits such as faster provisioning, greater scalability and lower management costs, Chipotle was looking for modernizing their solutions by moving to a next-level cloud environment. They explored the possibilities of bringing the Oracle Data Transfer service for secure migration of data.

    The Challenges

    • Current EDI environment did not scale effectively to meet the business demands
    • Application outages, disrupting timely EDI Order processing
    • Performance issues in EDI, causing delays and backlogs of orders
    • High operational costs of on-premises servers
    • Perform prerequisite tasks in order to transform to Oracle SaaS
    • High TCO

    The Approach

    Suneratech took a proactive initiative to tackle some critical issues before the upgrade. This made lift and shift to cloud more efficient, with additional opportunity for optimizing the environment in the future.

    The Solution

    • Re-host EBS PeopleSoft to OCI
    • Re-hosting of IBM Sterling to OCI
    • Oracle Data Transfer service for secure migration of data
    • Integration with on-prem edge services
    • Secured IPSec VPN to Chipotle Office
    • Cloud security including Vulnerability Assessment
    • Fanatic helpdesk support 24/7/365 days
    • The upgrade was completed within budget and on-time

    The Result

    • Effective & efficient utilization of  Cloud Infrastructure
    • GDPR compliance
    • 40% reduction in TCO
    • Modernized platform for digital transformation
    • Increased Application Performance – 3X Performance Increase in OCI
    • 30% reduction in OpEx with Suneratech Cloud Managed services
    “Suneratech made sure the entire migration was fine – very smooth. We could rely on their ability to do the entire re-hosting of IBM sterling to OCI, and re-host EBS & PeopleSoft to OCI without having to spend too much of our time getting involved in it. Because it all worked in the background seamlessly.”
    Daniel LeeIT Corporate Applications Manager

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