Aleris Increases Agility Of Its Supply Chain With DevOps Automation

This aluminium manufacturer increased the agility of its supply chain with DOX.

Aleris Increases Agility Of Its Supply Chain With DevOps Automation


About Aleris

Aleris Corporation was an American aluminum rolled products producer, based in Beachwood, Ohio. Aleris International is a Forbes-listed global leader in aluminum rolled products for aerospace, construction, containers and packaging, and automotive industries.

Case Study Overview:

Aleris faced a complex issue of material order supply and fulfillment. The RingMaster CloudOps platform automated the Oracle Middleware SOA at Aleris resulted in increased agility of its supply chain without any delays. It implemented and adopted SOA for quicker ROI, which resulted in zero penalties. With DevOps automation, Aleris witnessed a 65% reduction in TCO & a 75% reduction in deployment time.

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