A leading Electrical Goods Manufacturing company achieves 80% reduction in False Warranty Claims


    A leading Electrical Goods Manufacturing company achieves 80% reduction in False Warranty Claims

    About Company

    Our customer is a household name in the Indian fan Industry for over 6 decades. With its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India and operations spanning over 35 countries, the brand has earned the trust of millions of customers worldwide by providing high-quality, innovative products.  

    Our Customer has a distribution network driven by over 4000 dealers, 1,25,000 retail outlets, and a reliable service network covering 450 cities. But they are facing problem to trace back the quality issues reported in the supply chain. They approached eSeal to transform the entire supply chain starting tracking inventory at the supplier till the finished goods being sold in the market.

    Key Challenges

    • Difficulty in tracking Wrong Warranty claim
    • Issues reported in the supply chain due lack of tracking issues in quality
    • Lack of Secondary sales visibility
    • Lack of implementation of FIFO methodology


    eSeal has implemented its Digital Supply chain solution that provides a unique ID to each of the product and process to track the movement of goods along the Supply chain. eSeal integrates with the ERP system to push and pull data. 

    • Mapping of components & semi-finished goods to finished products
    • Real-time WIP visibility which increased production efficiency
    • Validating dispatches to ensure FIFO compliance and reduce wrong dispatches
    • Real time inventory visibility across all storage locations
    • Tracking and validating goods return and warranty
    • Distributor Management System enabled the sales tracking and faster stock replenishment


    • 80% reduction in False warranty claims
    • 2% increase in sales by reducing stockout situations
    • 75% reduction in Quality related issues
    • 3% reduction in Working capital through automating warehouse operations and avoided wrong dispatches

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