Migration of On-premise Non-Oracle Enterprise infrastructure to Oracle Cloud

Key Technologies: Oracle Cloud, Kronos


Headquartered in Chicago, United Service Companies (USC) is a leading provider of cleaning, staffing, and security solutions for a wide variety of industries.
They provide a wide range of professional services. Examples of companies in United Services portfolio include:

  • United Maintenance
  • United Temps
  • United Security
  • United Universal Maintenance
  • U.S. Aviation


USC planned to move their existing workforce management (Kronos), an on premise deployed web-based application to the cloud. As part of their strategy, they planned to replace the existing IT infrastructure that supports the system with the cloud based infrastructure service bringing in agility and minimizing overhead in the system.


SuneraTech analyzed various cloud infrastructure solutions that are available in the market. We identified and analyzed the fitment of a solution that meets the USC needs. We utilized Oracle Cloud Service, i.e. a shared infrastructure with the security, resilience and performance required for hosting a Kronos application.


  • Reduced hosting costs
  • Brought in flexibility by having an additional server and storage capacity available in hours rather than months for faster business project implementations.
  • Removed residual costs – as IT infrastructure can be decreased as required. The cost is consequently eliminated when the IT is no longer needed.

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