Performance Tuning of Oracle Fusion Middleware with WL and SOA health check.

Key Technologies: Oracle Weblogic, Oracle SOA, Oracle Database


Bottomline Technologies (NASDAQ:EPAY) help business pay and get paid by making complex business payments simple, secure and seamless. Banks and businesses rely on Bottomline for domestic and international payments, cash management, payment processing, fraud detection, behavioral analytics and regulatory compliance.


Business payments, unlike consumer payments, need to deal with larger transaction volumes, proliferated ledgers and regulatory oversight. Bottomline leverages technology to delight its customers, by overcoming friction and simplifying the complex.
Bottomline had been experiencing outages and instability in their Paymode-X Database, SOA and WebLogic systems. They needed to understand potential causes for the instability and performance degradation. Further, they needed to understand how they measured up against Oracle’s best practices and recommended Oracle installation and deployment guidelines.


Suneratech’s proprietary Fusion Middleware Health-Check Assessment helped Bottomline identify the areas of Oracle SOA, WebLogic and Oracle Database that needed to be tuned to address the application performance challenges. Suneratech conducted a detailed assessment on the Bottomline servers to examine their current configurations with the following considerations:

  • Account for the tactical and strategic goals of Bottomline
  • Analyze the impact of the current configuration on key business processes
  • Provide a baseline for immediate and future changes

Suneratech’s key recommendations for performance tuning of the Oracle SOA, WebLogic and Database included the following:

Database recommendations:
Critical issues were identified with resource management allocations which were a hindrance to system stability, scalability, and performance. The following recommendations were provided:

  • Top level plans (levels 1 and 2) should assign resources to all consumers
  • DBA management resources should be only large enough to allow a DBA to login and take action

Application recommendations:
Suneratech identified that the structure and tools of the application code were old and impacting the stability and performance. Hence the following recommendations were provided:

  • The application should be broken horizontally into three or more layers
  • GUI: The graphical user interface accessed by customers
  • Database Access: A layer whose sole activity is to manage database activities (SQL)
  • Translation: A layer that contains substantial exception handling that provides communication APIs for the GUI and Database Access layers
  • Change the application so that it never updates a primary key value


  • Tremendous increase in productivity by suggesting side by side deployment pattern
  • Lowered TCO by defining and addressing gaps in installation
  • Reduced outages and stabilized the system with proactive suggestions, such as moving non-essential maintenance to non-business days.

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