Empowering Police Officers with Experiential Training with Oracle Service Bus and PLS.

Key Technologies: Oracle Service Bus, PLS, PLS Hub, Raspberry Pi, cloudBit

ABOUT BlackWolf Tactical

Blackwolf Tactical enables police forces to train to be the best officers possible with customizable, experiential training at a fraction of the cost. By providing responsive, real-time and affordable training to police officers, Blackwolf empowers police departments through technology.


With shrinking government budgets and an increasing number of lawsuits, training police officers for threatening situations has become difficult. The key challenges that Blackwolf wanted to address were:

  • Limited budgets
  • Relevancy of training scenarios
  • Real-world experience in training


Blackwolf’s Darkhorse platform, developed by Suneratech, replaces outdated police training practices. Built on the Oracle Service Bus (soon to be migrated to Oracle CEP), Darkhorse allows complex training scenarios with a reduced cost of ownership. The technology stack bridges the physical and virtual worlds while being tremendously responsive to real-time scenarios.
Key Features:

  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Customizable training scenarios
  • Post-training evaluation metrics
  • Scheduling


  • Darkhorse creates an environment within the training room or building that is reactive to the actions and decisions, in real-time, of the participants in the training.
  • This training data is quantified into behavioral data sets for future analysis and benchmarking.


  • Enhanced training combining real-world role playing with virtual complex scenarios
  • Easy collaboration among trainers and other practitioners to create training schedules and scenarios
  • Reflective of real-world unpredictability and on-the-fly decision-making through analytics of actual physical situations.

Darkhorse has been setup at the Ohio Police Academy in Cleveland, OH and will be scaled up to various other departments in the next 18-24 months. This could also potentially be extended to other states and the FBI.

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