V-Guard – “Customer of the Year” Award Winner!


Mar 10

V-Guard – “Customer of the Year” Award Winner!

Suneratech, a global leader in digital transformation and innovative cloud solutions announced the winner of “Customer of the Year” award at recently concluded “Digital Acceleration Summit 2020”.  V-Guard won the award for their innovative contribution to substantially improve their Supply Chain on deploying: eSeal- “The In house developed application of Suneratech for Digitalising Supply Chains.”

Digital Acceleration Summit (DAS) 2020 been organized from 21st to 23rd January 2020 in the world’s largest film city- Ramoji Film City (Hyderabad), where leaders from various industries participated and shared their experience on the journey to Digital Transformation.

The summit events/sessions planned around the importance of Cloud, Data-Monetization, Digital Innovation, AI & ML, enabling the participants to accelerate their initiatives revolving around these trending technologies.

On behalf of V Guard, KS Nataraj, Sr. Manager-IT, received the “Customer of the Year” Award from Ravi Reddy, CEO, Suneratech, and Sudheer Mareddi, Director, Suneratech.

DAS2020: V-Guard – “Customer of the Year” Award Winner

Journey of V-Guard with eSeal

V-Guard, in association with eSeal, expanded its wings digitally across the length and breadth of the country and has been a pioneer in introducing various digital initiatives in the electric industry.

eSeal’s digital involvement boosted the Supply chain mechanism of V-Guard in solving business challenges and streamlining processes. With eSeal, V-Guard expanded the Digital Supply Chain solution beyond its factory to distributors and their key suppliers in the Supply chain ecosystem within a few months.

Major Business Challenges faced by V-Guard:

  • Absence of inventory optimization
  • Inability to trace quality issues reported in the supply chain
  • Lack of secondary sales visibility and sales returns
  • Supply Chain Integrity issues and problem of counterfeiting
Benefits on Deploying eSeal:

  • Up to 5% reduction in costs due to accurate validation of sales returns as a result of product genealogy
  • Real-time secondary sales visibility has led to a 4% increase in sales by reducing stockout situations
  • 2% reduction in working capital due to reduced labor costs and contained transit losses, wrong returns, wrong claims of damages/theft, etc.

About eSeal

eSeal is a part of global conglomerate Suneratech serving over 200 customers, with about 1000 tech employees, which has already digitalized the supply chain of several leading businesses of India and abroad.

Traditional supply chain management systems do not provide micro-control of the supply chain, which is necessary for optimizing the supply chain. Micro control enables efficient handling of warehouses, increased material visibility, supervising production with quality, and managing trade channels.

eSeal is a supply chain optimization solution that combines its proprietary Software, Mobility, and AIDC technologies to bring about a significant decrease in COGS and hence boost sales.