World of Digital Acceleration – DAS 2020 Collaborate – Innovate – Accelerate

Ramoji Film City Hyderabad India 21-23 Jan 2020

Feb 04

World of Digital Acceleration – DAS 2020 Collaborate – Innovate – Accelerate

Digital Transformation has become a hot topic for companies across the globe where the digital technologies are used to radically improve performance or reach of enterprises. Organizations are increasingly realizing that digital technologies and the disruptive business models they enable are having a seismic impact across every industry.

To compete in today’s world, business needs to accelerate digitally not just to embrace change, but one that can act as a catalyst for the business to continually deliver new and enhanced experiences to the customer. Whilst technology has long been a disrupter, the rate and breadth of technology lead disruption are accelerating rapidly, as innovations in technology are delivered at an ever-increasing rate. Here is where Suneratech steps in.

Technology leaders are expecting the world digital market to touch 2 trillion-dollar range in the coming couple of years. Every business in the world must take the digital way, or perish in that wave, they explained. A three-day ‘Digital Acceleration Summit-2020’ is going on in the world famous Ramoji Flim City of Hyderabad under the leadership of Suneratech. 150 delegates from 10 countries are participating in the summit.

The ‘Digital Acceleration Summit’ is creating awareness to leaders of different sectors, business heads in the ever-changing business world. More than 50 top-level executives from enterprises at the forefront of change, representing technology, services and global enterprises across industries attended this summit. The 3-day, invite only, purpose designed summit focused on the fundamental methods and tools needed to enable, execute and accelerate the digital transformation.

The best business case for attending this Digital Acceleration Summit is the wealth of high-level strategy and actionable tactics you’d take back home. Not to forget the networking, industry-leading speaker lineups and interactions with top business leaders and hands-on labs through breakout sessions for future opportunities. Leaders has discussed the three layers of the digital world.

Three layers are:

  • Foundation Acceleration: Came to know how India is transforming from outsourcing destination to innovation enabler,
  • Cultural Transformation: Shifting innovation culture to appreciate the agile transformation, DevOps, MVP, fail fast culture, this cultural transformation will be the 2nd layer of discussion.
  • Capabilities Transformation: Last and final layer is the capabilities part – what are the NextGen capabilities you need that understands not just the skills of expertise but how do you empathize.

Few bites from our respected speakers

We are going to lead

World’s largest startup incubator was there in Hyderabad till recent times. France has taken up the lead and we will come to top in coming few months. A 365 thousand sq. Ft incubator is coming up shortly. With that, we’ll lead again. Innovators are the ones, who will solve the problems.

Phanindra Sharma, Chief Innovation Officer, Telangana Government

Digital Disruption going to lead

Hyderabad, being the most dynamic city in India is going to be the epicenter of Digital Disruption. Actors from all over the world would like to come to Ramoji Film City for shootings and post-production facilities. Oyo has transformed the hospitality sector a lot. Netflix is ruling the entertainment sector. Digital Disruption is leading in almost all the sectors.

-Ravi Reddy, CEO, Suneratech-Ravi Reddy, CEO, Suneratech.

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