Welcoming you to the unique event hosted by Suneratech – Digital Acceleration Summit 2020

Ramoji Film City Hyderabad India 21-23 Jan 2020

Dec 30

Welcoming you to the unique event hosted by Suneratech – Digital Acceleration Summit 2020

The inaugural Digital Acceleration Summit is coming up on January 21-23, 2020. We invite you to join us for 3-day of networking, training, and insights. This 3-day, Invite-only, purpose designed summit for CXOs is focused on the fundamental methods and tools needed to enable, execute, and accelerate digital transformation.

In its inaugural year, the Summit is estimated to attract professionals having the opportunity to connect with peers, learn about the latest digital trends, and hear success stories from industry leaders on key digital innovation topics.

Why Digital Acceleration Summit is important?

The summit events/sessions are meticulously planned around the importance of Cloud, Data-Monetization, Digital Innovation, AI & ML, enabling you to accelerate the initiatives revolving around these trending technologies. With the rate of change increased through Hyper- Automation, Hyper-Conversion of business and through digital singularity, industries are left with only two options – disrupt or get disrupted.

Topics covered:

  • Hyper-Automation: Driving innovation through Hyper-Automation. Learn through success stories around automation of business operations using AI, ML, RPA, Blockchain, and Microservices.
  • Data Monetization: The new rubric for partnering with data sciences lab providers to enable and accelerate data monetization with analytics-driven innovation
  • Cloud Transformation: Designed to enable innovation that creates new business models and amazing customer experiences
  • Modern App Development: Bringing empathy, design thinking and fail smart culture for modern application development

Key takeaways from the Summit 2020:

  • A blend of business, editorial and digital topics. Connect with the right people: Industry get-together with Industry Experts.
  • The latest and most successful data monetization strategies
  • The world’s best speakers with trending topics
  • A concise, carefully tailored, rich and relevant program
  • Unique people and the right place to get invaluable contacts

We strongly believe that the world’s next best digital acceleration will be brought by teams like us. Whether you are new to digital acceleration or have been at it for several years, our summit has plenty of learning opportunities, from the basics of digital acceleration to expanding your existing strategies.

Wanting to meet new people and make connections with those who are just as awesome as you? Join us from 21-23 Jan 2020, along with CXOs to know about the best technology enablers from the leaders and move your organization a step ahead towards digital acceleration.

Packed with inspiring presentations and discussions, this is an event which you can’t miss out!


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