Thank You For Attending DAS 2020

Ramoji Film City Hyderabad India 21-23 Jan 2020

Feb 04

Thank You For Attending DAS 2020

On behalf of everyone at Suneratech, thank you to all who attended the Digital Acceleration Summit 2020 from Jan 21-23 2020 Hyderabad, India. We hope attendees learned something new about our increasing use of Hyper Automation, AI Data Monetization, Digital Supply Chain, 3Ds – Digital, Deceptive and Disruptive and made some fruitful connections throughout the day.

Whether keeping you up to date on developments in  Role of a CIO in Digital Disruption, Cloud Transformation – Foundation for Digital Acceleration, India Powering Global Digital Disruption, Modern Customer Expectations – Intuitive and Intelligent Applications, or assisting with any number of issues that matter to you and your clients, we strive to support your business and keep you on the cutting edge of Digital Accelerated service.

We were particularly excited about our DAS 2020 panel that explored models of Digital Accelerated World, which included some crucial insight into this shifting landscape by our own CEO Ravi Reddy. As Suneratech continues to grow the scope of digital work, we want to share with you the tools to provide top-notch service to your clients today and tomorrow, and to act as your partner in all.

Today, we can look back on a successful event:

3 days with 23 speakers. Over the course of the 3-day event, more than 100 attendees had the opportunity to attend 4 Digital Experience tours and tech sessions, as well as 12 vertical tracks and interesting business sessions. We are looking forward to presenting new collaborations, varied activities and their most interesting contents, whilst educating and entertaining at the same time.

Suneratech’s Future Vision:

Surviving and thriving in the Digital Age requires the creative vision and courage to challenge the status quo and pursue the path towards becoming a digital enterprise. Suneratech wants to ensure that we empower people with smarter ways of doing business. Our goal is to bring a human experience to technological developments, providing ways for our customers to maximize value creation across asset and operations lifecycles while improving profitability. So to stay one step ahead from the market trend we introduced three horizon in the digital world.

  1. CloudNext enables to create the business case all the way to art of possibilities to cloud
  2. DataNext enables you to identify the use cases of how you use data monetization as mechanism to drive disruption
  3. ServiceNext is all about how AI and Machine learning is driving hyper automation in your business automation (Digital operation as well as digital experience)

Suneratech’s vision is ambitious, which is nothing less than to reshape the entire way how world thinks about digital development and growth in India and how Hyderabad is pioneering India’s leading innovation ecosystem. We widen the vision of the world leaders about how our system bridging the gap between visionary entrepreneurs and corporates who are seeking for the next big idea.

If you have any feedback for us regarding events – or are interested in hosting one of your own in collaboration with Suneratech – please contact us.

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