Oracle EBS 12.2 Upgrade: Key Features and Business Benefits


May 18

Oracle EBS 12.2 Upgrade: Key Features and Business Benefits

Oracle EBS 12.2 offers various incredible features and changes driven towards functionality advancements, modern user experience, streamlined installation, increased performance, and operational efficiency.

Here are a few key highlights –

Online Patching – Reduces the outages and drastically reduces downtime as EBS System Administrators can apply patches while the system is up and running.

WebLogic Server – Enhances the overall System Administration experience by replacing the Oracle Containers with WebLogic Server.

Enterprise Command Centers (ECC) – Oracle EBS 12.2 offers new dashboards that provide analytical insights with an ability to drill down data to the transactional level.

Less cost and efforts to optimize and operate Oracle EBS – The business suite upgrade offers better GUI and hundreds of new features across modules and tracks that lower the cost and efforts to manage and optimize Oracle EBS.

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is one of the primary pillars of your IT Infrastructure that keeps the business running. Be it for financial management, human resource management, customer service management, procurement, or value chain capabilities, Oracle EBS has played an imperative role in supporting your operations.

As an EBS Customer, you know the newer, feature-rich, modern, stable, and secure versions of Oracle EBS while deprecating the older versions. This makes upgrading Oracle E-Business Suite a necessary change for any business interested in cutting costs, saving resources, or speeding up workflows. Oracle has decided to discontinue supporting EBS 12.1.x by the end of 2021, which means no fixes, upgrades, or patches!

To future proof, your ERP, upgrade to Oracle EBS 12.2.x (12.2.9 and above) to stay supported by Oracle at least till 2032. Premier Support for EBS 12.2 provides the support, security patches and upgrade for the next ten years.

The major benefit is the Oracle EBS 12.2 upgrade that can do a lot to your business regarding the new features and functionality it promises to offer. Take the next step and unlock the unique potential by leveraging functionality improvements, modern graphical User Interface, critical fixes, and much higher levels of security and compliance.

Key Considerations while planning EBS 12.2 Upgrade

Most of the time, customers neglect the groundwork required for a successful upgrade, which is significant to get the best out of the offering. Lack of awareness and improper project sizing can lead to inadequate planning and hindrances after going live. Businesses need to evaluate carefully and set up an Oracle EBS environment that is essential to plan and execute a successful, stress-free upgrade.

Upgrade Roadmap – There are multiple upgrade options – ‘like-to-like Upgrades’ with minimal changes to processes to ‘Transformational Upgrades’ that involve large-scale functionality and process changes to existing solutions.

Upgrade Scope – The majority of upgrades will involve CEMLI (Customization, Extension, Modification, Localization, Integration) upgrade, functional testing, and an Infrastructure migration to Cloud (OCI/AWS/Azure). Businesses need a tool that understands the database size, performance parameters, module footprint, complexity of business flows, the volume of CEMLIs that need a retrofit to provide accurate sizing of upgrade scope.

CEMLI Retrofit – There are many database-related changes between 12.1 & 12.2, and it is challenging and time-consuming to address the changes reactively. The impact of EBR changes is critical in planning the size and complexity of the upgrade.

Suneratech Oracle EBS Upgrade Solution accelerates your Oracle EBS upgrade by

  • Enabling Risk-free Upgrades by reducing efforts, scheduling time, and costs by at least 45%.
  • AI-Driven Auto-Retrofit analyzes the impacted CEMLIs and automatically retrofits them for the to-be version.
  • Automating validation & testing, significantly reducing manual intervention while covering functional, regression, integration & performance testing.
  • Reduce risks associated with human intervention while expediting the overall upgrade process, thus reducing risks & costs.

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End to End Testing – Rigorous test iterations are required to ensure there is no broken functionality in the upgraded environment. For ‘like-to-like upgrades, the IT team should test all the business test scenarios to ensure minimal disruption during project cycles.

A right Upgrade Enablement Partner (UEP) helps you navigate the uncertainties and risks and define upgrade methodology, processes, and automation tools to embark on your upgradation journey.

Suneratech EBS Upgrade Methodology leads to faster Go Live on Oracle EBS R12 Upgrade with minimal disruption and turnaround. Our multi-phase, multi-track approach focuses on real-time program management, DB & application upgrade processes, automated CEMLI retrofit, automated end-to-end testing, and supporting change management through facilitating training content. The use of software and automation at every stage helps minimize risks, allows for detailed cutover planning with minimal business disruption.

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