MYK Laticrete – Most Innovative Customer Award Winner


Mar 11

MYK Laticrete – Most Innovative Customer Award Winner

On 22Jan 2020, during DAS2020 in Hyderabad India, Suneratech, a global leader in the Cloud-First approach, has announced the winner of the “Most Innovative Customer of the Year” Award for Meltag – Suneratech’s digital acceleration platform, client. MYK Laticrete has won the Most Innovative Customer of the Year Award 2020 for reshaping the customer experience and customer support services in India using Suneratech Meltag’s Next-Gen CX Platform.

On behalf of MYK Laticrete, Ravi Kumar Mukala, Corporate Strategy received the Most Innovative Customer of the Year Award from Ravi Reddy, CEO, Suneratech Vinil Vadi, CTO, Suneratech.

He also shared his thoughts on Hyper Automation Panel discussion at Digital Acceleration Summit 2020, organized by Suneratech with Yogesh Verma, Vice President IT, Pearl Academy, Hung Huynh, Director of IT, Canon Medical Systems, Shashwat Singh, IT Lead Supply Chain – Unilever-South Asia, in the lively discussion moderated by Vinil Vadi, CTO, Suneratech.

The idea is to automate more and more business processes, work and engage everyone in an organization to be part of the transformation, that delivers 10X value instead of incremental growth.

Journey of MYK Laticrete

MYK Laticrete is very innovative when it comes to adopting technology to craft customer experiences. Using Suneratech Meltag’s Next-Gen CX Platform, MYK Laticrete was able to create a rich customer experience for their influencer partners and consumers.

About MYK Laticrete

MYK LATICRETE is a leading corporate, bringing contemporary world standards to the tile and stone installation & maintenance industry in India. With the broadest range of products comprises of – adhesives, grouts, waterproofing, stone care products, and wall putty, sustain leadership through innovation among its business associates. A robust, customer-focused approach and a constant quest for impeccable quality MYK LATICRETE has completed challenging projects across India and SAARC countries.

Meltag’s Key Enablers:

  • Increased User Acquisition
  • Increased Repurchases from Consumers
  • Increase in Order Size
  • Seamless Customer Journey across channels
  • Centralized & Real-time program control
  • Use AI / Machine learning to predict and refine programs for better sales
  • Understand channel performance & refine programs for better sales
Resultant Outcome after deploying Meltag:

  • Targeted & predictive re-marketing
  • Location-based / region-based campaigns
  • Sales performance-based campaigns – AI-based
  • Gain real-time visibility & control

About Meltag

Meltag – Mobile-based marketing and sales campaign mgt. for your channel partners, a Suneratech innovation that helps to energize sales channels and increase sales. Meltag’s rich suite of “Enterprise Grade” feature-set, integrations, and developer-friendly APIs let our users focus on delivering timely, personalized, and AI-assisted intelligent messages/conversations to customers and stakeholders irrespective of the communication channel.

About DAS2020

A 3-day, Invite-only, a purpose-designed summit for CXOs, focused on the fundamental methods and tools needed to enable, execute, and accelerate digital transformation. The summit events/sessions planned around the importance of Cloud, Data-Monetization, Digital Innovation, AI & ML, enabling you to accelerate the initiatives revolving around these trending technologies.

We’d like to congratulate MYK Laticrete for the great partnership. We sincerely thank you for being there with us.

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