9 Things to Consider When Choosing an Oracle E-Business Suite Cloud Migration Partner


Sep 24

9 Things to Consider When Choosing an Oracle E-Business Suite Cloud Migration Partner

A few years ago, some innovative companies considered cloud migration a top priority. It is estimated that most companies are using Cloud in one way or another.

Businesses face the challenge of choosing the right Cloud partner to optimize costs. For Oracle customers, OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) is the priority to explore the public cloud for their mission-critical applications. With the right Oracle partner to support, businesses can avoid shooting in the dark, save costs, increase productivity, and not end up with sub-optimal outcomes and focus on their business.

Several customers express value for money and ease of working as important criteria while evaluating partners. However, not considering relevant parameters during this process can lead to migration failure. An experienced partner with detailed knowledge of different vendor services can advise the business on best migration practices.

In this blog, we discuss the top 9 things to consider while opting for a Cloud Migration Partner

1. Platform Expertise & Level of Oracle Experience

This includes expertise with enterprise applications (traditional licensed and SaaS cloud applications), database, analytics, integration, and related technologies up/down the Oracle stack. Choose a cloud partner that fully understands the complete stack of Oracle enterprise applications specifically, not just general Oracle Cloud Migration. Oracle Platinum Partners are specialized consultants who are competent and experts on the Oracle Partner Network for Oracle solutions.

The Managed Service Expertise (MSE) certification rewards the partners with the abilities, tools, and processes to build, deploy, run, and manage Oracle Cloud Solutions (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS) under a single contract and contact.

2. Full-Stack Service Provider

You should always evaluate the Cloud Partner’s capability to provide the complete stack of Cloud services – Advisory, Managed, Migration and Upgrade Cloud Services. In addition, they should have the ability to own the lifecycle partnership: selection, implementation, migration, transition, upgrade, testing, support & retirement, and agility to scale up or down throughout the partnership as dictated by the project.

3. Geographical Fit & Choosing Customer Service Expertise

An Oracle e-business suite partner should be capable of accelerating the Cloud journey, making it seamless with a global roll-out delivery model, country-specific localizations, acquisitions, divestitures, and round-the-clock service support, with an onshore/offshore combination that helps to optimize time and costs.

4. Responsibility & Security

Security is the primary concern for any organization with growing data breaches, especially on the public Cloud. With a certified cloud partner’s help, tactical execution and managing security would not be a burden.

5. Multi-Vendor Relationships

Along with capabilities to successfully migrate, the Oracle e-business suite partner must have contacts of other vendors who have add-on capabilities to deliver end-to-end solutions that ensure seamless Oracle Cloud Migration.

6. Cloud Accelerators

With successful migrations, the Oracle e-business Suite Partners should have built OCI Intellectual property (IP), Scripting & Automation for Oracle EBS Upgrade, which ensures the acceleration of migration. In addition, the capability for in-flight database upgrades can reduce significant downtime.

7. Certified Oracle Partners

According to Gartner, there are two reports, Magic Quadrant for Oracle Cloud Applications Services, Worldwide and Market Guide for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Professional & Managed Services, which evaluates the partner’s capabilities. When looking for Cloud Partner, always opt for the certified partners from Oracle with the above certifications with the capabilities to enable the business to grow faster and accelerate the Cloud Journey.

8. Oracle ACE Program

Oracle recognizes and rewards Technology and Applications experts for their contributions through the Oracle ACE Program. These experts share their knowledge and experiences through presentations, blog posts, articles, social media posts, community forum support, and more.

9. Partner’s Success Stories

The easiest way to assess the reputation and expertise is to review the case studies and client testimonials. This validation is important to know whether the company has experience migrating legacy Oracle enterprise applications, which differs from other types of Oracle Cloud Migrations. Also, do not just go with the ratings and customer references, as many Oracle E-Business Suite partners are just now joining the cause to offer Oracle to cloud migrations.

Choosing a Cloud Provider is a strategic decision to develop and maintain a long-term relationship. Suneratech specializes in providing disruptive solutions that unify and streamline IT operations. As Oracle’s platinum partner, we guarantee savings with the reliable architecture and re-engineering of IT processes through cloud solutions designed for optimized cloud deployments.

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