Financial Benefits of Cloud Migration Solutions to look at in 2021


Sep 29

Financial Benefits of Cloud Migration Solutions to look at in 2021

2021 is around the corner, and by the end of 2020, practically every organization will embrace Oracle Cloud Migration Services to their business process. The main goal of every organization to adopt cloud services is to solve challenges and reduce costs.

COVID-19 has made 2020 a year for its economic distress, social crisis, and political outburst. However, business leaders who are part of this major cloud transformation have prompted some significant changes in the way companies do business.

“The Cloud Migrated Companies survived the economic downturn compared to those that encountered the rapid evolution and aggressive digital transformation due to this pandemic”

In the first stage, companies were hesitant to shift from on-premise to cloud migration. Still, later after seeing the heavy widespread of the virus, company leaders began to invest in technologies like cloud computing, Oracle Cloud Workload Migration, Cloud Data Solutions, cloud-based software services.

We all know that Cloud Migration Solutions offer robust and flexible solutions to solve challenges across three main areas- applications, infrastructure, and development platforms. Cloud Migration Services address the myriad challenges that IT departments face, including disaster recovery, managing desktop services, etc.

Apart from streamlining the processes, reliability, scalability, highly secure, disaster recovery, companies look at the financial benefits that make them move to the cloud. These actual economic benefits of Oracle Cloud Migration Strategy which helps cut CapEx, reduce carbon footprint, lower staff and power costs, and gain Flexibility.

Let us look more in-depth at how the organization financial posture is going to change with Oracle Cloud Migration.

1. Scalable Hardware – Pay for What You Use

Cloud computing brings natural economies of scale. Considering the reality of cloud computing, high utilization, and smoothing of the inevitable peaks and troughs in workloads. It is better to approach an Enterprise Application Migration to Cloud providers to optimize Hardware needs rather than own, manage, and pay for their server, regardless of the demands and workloads. This also helps in lowering the operations costs as you need not pay for the idle infrastructure.

2. Less Maintenance and Capital Cost

After a successful transformation of infrastructure to the cloud, Oracle Cloud Migration Service providers take accountability to implement the quality and uninterrupted services, including security, reliability, and modernity of equipment. With the high experience of a team of engineers, thoughtful planning, and implementation of projects, they deal with complexities.

They also provide consistent support and monitoring of equipment networks, perform backups, and solve the disaster that helps clients focus on the core objectives. This helps lower the capital cost as there would be no need to invest in expensive computers that perform remarkably and store massive data.

Data is stored in the cloud; any operational and calculations will be performed here automatically, which saves most of the time and increases productivity. You can also predict the costs by paying monthly based on the needs. This also helps in staying updated as there is no need to wait for the updates to be released- Cloud Service providers take care of everything, and it is done automatically.

3. Minimize the Cost of Data Security Risks

Some organizations consider data the most expensive asset, and it needs to be protected from all the security risks. Any data violation and information losses are caused due to the company’s improper configuration and internal communication. This is where the organization needs to pay attention to the internal business process and train the employees on basic and security usage.

With the cloud migrated services, one need not worry about this, and your cloud is under reliable protection, and business risks due to the loss are minimized.

4. Reduce the Staffing Costs

Any organization’s computing costs include staffing budget; This covers up to half of the operational cost because experts with excellent IT knowledge are expensive, and their employment costs usually outweigh hardware and software costs.

Moving to the cloud means saving a lot on staffing costs because there are technical experts whom you can rely on. This way, you can downsize the staff and efficiently improve the IT operations by deploying a team to other business areas, which improves the bottom-line capabilities.

5. Lower Power Costs

You can save energy with the help of cloud migration! Wondering how?

A study by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a non-profit agency established to help organizations track the carbon emissions, showcased that by 2020, spending on 69% of infrastructure, platforms, and software for US company cloud services with revenues of $ 1 billion or more would save in electricity by $ 12.3 billion, also reduces the carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to 200 million barrels of oil.

Traditional Data Center Workload Migration services require a certain amount of energy to maintain the necessary Hardware. As the business grows in the broader aspect, there would be a need for more space to meet business demands. Oracle Cloud Workload Migration helps reduce the carbon footprint and the power costs due to not using more power or space than required.

When companies use their own on-premises cloud migration, there is a chance of not utilizing the servers entirely and ending up with idle servers, which wastes energy and money.

This is an excellent perk with Cloud Migration Services providers as they help businesses benefit by reducing the energy usage and data center’s carbon footprints and saving money that you might otherwise have spent on carbon offsets.

6. Increased Disaster Recovery Capability

In case of establishing a Data Center Migration Services in your server, there might occur a need to buy more Hardware at outages. In extreme cases, as such, you might have to duplicate everything, and this is an expensive way as it maximizes the downtime, and at least eight hours is a minimum required time.

Optimizing cloud computing services deal with these and redundant requirements as they have disaster recovery tools. These external data center migration to cloud service providers have a specific location for their data center migration services, and they keep a copy of data and application across the cloud. This lowers the downtime and makes sure that the business process is happening without any hindrances.

7. Cost of Agility

Cloud-based solutions save costs as they create positive outcomes of agility. According to business demands, companies modify the IT infrastructure and generally possess 15% more than needed storage capacity. There would be certain cases where the company’s servers are either out of order or cannot cope with it. Shifting database migration to Oracle Cloud Computing reduces the resource wastage, and the cost of equipment cost would be reduced by 50%.

Agility’s positive effects are undoubtedly a financial benefit an owner must think of when considering migrating their business to the cloud.

Cloud Migration Solutions are the mainstream today, driven forward by users’ desire for lower-cost solutions, better scalability, and business agility.

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