Digital Simplified powered by “Oracle Complete Cloud” using SWITCH Framework. 3 Easy Steps.


Oct 27

Digital Simplified powered by “Oracle Complete Cloud” using SWITCH Framework. 3 Easy Steps.

After enabling 75 enterprises (large and small) transform to Digital, I can say we’ve been there done that. SWITCH Framework encompasses all that experience in 3 Easy Steps. SWITCH-1: Automate, SWITCH-2: Migrate SWITCH-3: Innovate

SWITCH Framework
Enterprise companies are today struggling to keep pace with upstarts that are cloud natives and have the agility and innovation that enterprise can only dream of. Weighed down by legacy infrastructure, bureaucratic processes and teams with outdated skills, these incumbents need some creative injection to kickstart their journey to be relevant again.

At Suneratech digital success and best practices are captured in SWITCH framework – a process that transitions companies gradually, and most importantly, practically towards being a modern digital enterprise. At a high level, the steps you need to take are threefold: Automation, Migration and Innovation. Each of these steps helps you upgrade your IT operations without making any dramatic changes, while preparing for the next step.


One of the biggest reasons why companies are failing to adopt the cloud start the Digital journey, is because of the technical debt and the litany of technologies that they have accrued over the years. This causes two problems:

  1. It slows down their time to market tremendously, driven primarily by the time it takes to manage and maintain their applications.
  2. It takes up a significant portion of the annual IT budget and prevents investments in innovation

Automation solves both these problems. By automating repetitive tasks, it brings down the time to market dramatically. By reducing the dependency on people, it removes the need for a large application maintenance team. This frees up the IT budget so that you can invest in innovation.


With automation running application maintenance in auto-pilot mode, your IT team can now focus your time and money on migrating to a more agile and cost-efficient setup. This could mean, depending on your company’s current state, migrating the infrastructure, the development platform or the applications entirely into the cloud. This could be a gradual process that transitions the easy wins, the less risky elements of your IT to the cloud, stabilizing it, driving adoption and then moving onto the next piece of the puzzle.

Migrating to the cloud helps companies become leaner, more agile and more cost-effective. You can now drive better customer, vendor and employee experiences in shorter and quicker cycles rather than waiting 3 months for pushing your next update.

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