Digital Acceleration Virtual Summit: DAS2020
Oct 21

Digital Acceleration Virtual Summit: DAS2020

Due to the current global health and economic crises, industrial innovation is accelerating. Leading organizations had progressed their digital transformation journey and quickly adapted to the changed business reality. The industry has passed a rough phase, having seen the power of disruptive technologies to transform business operations and competitive strategies, improve resilience, reduce costs, and better serve customers.

Technologies like cloud, machine learning, IoT, hyper-automation, augmented reality, autonomous assets, and more enable new business processes and obscure traditional functional boundaries.

Call it digital transformation, smart manufacturing, intelligent automation, or Industry 4.0; there is a need to innovate, transform, and accelerate the future. Organizations today are investing in technology to turn out to be more agile and empower something closer to a state of continuous transformation.

To address the varied challenges in the digital transformation, SuneraTech is organizing a Virtual summit, i.e., DAS 2020. Digital Acceleration Summit is a 2-day, fully interactive virtual online event that delivers insights on Digital Acceleration, Automation, Digital Transformation, SAP & Oracle Initiatives, Big Data, and Data Sciences.

The first day of the DAS 2020 will have keynote sessions and panel discussions on subjects like Cloud Transformation, Intelligent Automation, Agile Product Development, Enterprise Modernization. The top CIOs and CXOs discuss Innovation-Led Solutions, industry best practices, and future trends to innovate faster and deliver guaranteed business outcomes.

The second day of the event is segregated into three tracks, i.e., SAP, Oracle, Digital & Data. The SAP track will focus on the latest SAP trends like Self-funded Innovations, Intelligent Enterprises, SAP S/4HANA journey, S/4HANA move, best practices, success stories, and case studies related to supply chain units and Digital Transformation in Higher Education Research.

The oracle track will provide insights on Oracle Cloud Strategy, Innovations and Automation, Self-Funded Transformation of oracle EBS, Data Engineering, panels discussions on Industry 4.0, and Hybrid Enterprise Integration challenges.

The Digital & Data track sheds light on Intelligent Automation, Data Monetization. We have panel discussions on leveraging Intelligent Automation and how Big Data & Data Sciences shape the DNA of the enterprise growth.

CIOs and CXOS are at the forefront of driving Digital Transformation to build their businesses smarter. Join thousands of business & IT leaders from global companies to learn how to transform your organization into an intelligent connected Enterprise. From exchanging the latest fundamental advances in the digital world to practicing its nuances, DAS 2020 offers you a platform to interact with Top CIOs and CXOS.

Is Your Organization Ready to Adapt to the New Normal?

SuneraTech, being a Digital Transformation enabler, hosting a Virtual Digital Acceleration Summit intended for the CXOs focused on accelerating Digital Transformation powered by the SAP and surround Cloud, Automation & Industry Solutions.   

Join us and experience the latest technology trends and innovations to empower organizations on a networking platform, gain valuable insights, and help businesses build resilience and grow in the new normal.  

Registrations are open. Visit our website to know more about DAS2020, keynote speeches, schedule, and key benefits.  To register for this virtual summit, follow the link below: