Why is Automated Oracle Cloud Testing Crucial for Today’s Enterprises


Nov 23

Why is Automated Oracle Cloud Testing Crucial for Today’s Enterprises

As enterprises migrate to Oracle Cloud, they look to capitalize on the multiple benefits of Oracle’s SaaS solutions to run their businesses. While organizations seek to take advantage of the rapid pace of enhancements and fixes delivered, they must also acknowledge the challenges presented by the frequent and regular updates coming from Oracle. Changes, enhancements, defect fixes that used to take months or years to implement, can now be pushed to customers in days or weeks as part of Oracles Quarterly Patch or Ad-Hoc updates.

Consequently, as the speed of change from Oracle for has increased, the business risk has increased as well. As many Oracle customers have come to find out, the increased risk of established business breaking down with each quarterly update is the flip side of the “frequent release” coin. As anyone in business can attest to, when existing business processes breakdown, teams cannot function, productivity declines and money is lost.

To help minimize the risk of business process failures, organizations leveraging Oracle SaaS products are now tasked with managing more frequent & comprehensive testing of their enterprise software than has been required in the past. Unfortunately, most organizations come to realize the need for this additional testing only after implementation and immediately struggle to keep up with the pace of change and the new demand for testing resources and expertise.

Given this new testing burden, manual testing of Oracles Quarterly Updates is no longer sufficient for today’s agile enterprises- it’s expensive, time consuming and does not provide adequate test coverage given the compressed testing timelines. As a result, companies are increasingly looking to leverage Automated Testing to reduce risk and keep up with the new pace of change from Oracle.

By automating the testing of Oracle Cloud updates, enterprises now can broaden test coverage, complete testing within a shorter time frame, and provide stakeholders the confidence that their most critical processes will not fail after each patch release. The cherry on top? It’s more cost-effective and timelier than manual testing.

Why is Automated Oracle Cloud testing crucial for today’s Enterprises:

Pace of Change:

with ever-changing market dynamics, competitive pressure and business turbulence, enterprises must adapt and update their business process flows regularly. With each process adjustment, or a new process, it must be tested to keep business disruptions at a minimum. Automated testing is the most efficient way to test these changes and to ensure related processes are not impacted.

Each Implementation is Unique:

Oracle Cloud solutions are customizable, each implementation largely unique to each enterprise. As a result, each Oracle Cloud quarterly update means there’s a high possibility that customizations could break and disrupt established business processes. Through automating testing, organizations can ensure critical customizations are intact from release to release.

Systems Integration:

Like most enterprise applications today, Oracle SaaS solutions rarely operate in a vacuum within a business’s application ecosystem. In most cases, Oracle SaaS solutions integrate with a host third party systems as well as other productivity tools like Office 365. Given the elevated chance that quarterly updates could impact these critical integrations, every organization advised validate their critical integrations with each update. As a result, any Test Automation Platform under consideration must have the ability to validate End-To-End business flows that supports testing these integrations.

Role-based Security:

Oracle SaaS solutions utilized a role-based security model and as such, each Oracle Cloud quarterly update brings the very real possibility that security roles will change. Organizations would be remiss if they did not test and validate security and user privileges with each quarterly patch update. Given the sheer number of Function and Data security privileges it is next to impossible for organizations to test this manually- automated testing solves this problem.

CloudTestr Test Automation Platform

  • Pre-built Library of Oracle Cloud tests: CloudTestr comes with pre-built test libraries that are continuously updated and help jumpstart Test Automation of your Oracle Cloud/SaaS Applications.
  • CloudTestr Platform as a Service: CloudTestr is an enterprise test automation platform that enables accelerated automation, simplified test management, real-time quality metrics all provided as a service in a subscription/consumption-based pricing model.
  • Automated Documentation: The CloudTestr Platform auto generates test case & results documentation from each automated test script. Your test documentation will never grow stale can help in user training, results validation, and audit compliance.
  • Script-less Automation Platform:  CloudTestr is a script-less solution that offers enterprises the ability to more efficiently start their automation journey and see real results in much shorter timeframes than traditional automation tools on the market today.
  • Supports End-to-End Testing: CloudTestr accelerates end-to-end testing to ensure critical business processes work from patch to patch.
  • Role Based Security Testing: The CloudTestr platform was designed with role-based security testing in mind. CloudTestr can support validation of critical, role-based workflow processes and each organizations custom user privileges.
  • Reporting: Access real-time reporting to review testing progress, test execution results, critical system performance metrics and defects via CloudTestr’s intuitive interface and configurable dashboard.