5 Powerful Benefits of Migrating On-Prem Resources to OCI


Jul 26

5 Powerful Benefits of Migrating On-Prem Resources to OCI

Nowadays, migrating the existing cloud or On-Prem resources to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has become a need instead of a necessity to gain exponential organizational growth. Also, many organizations are stepping forward to invest in and moving their resources to the cloud. Gartner, a Global Research and Advisory Company, with its research, revealed that the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the fastest-growing market segment, which grew 27.55% in 2019.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the modern cloud platform based on the latest cloud technologies and standards that give a consistent performance with better features provided by Oracle. Oracle has become a dominating force in the market for numerous benefits and reasons and let us look at some important ones.

1. Cost and Time Savings

At times, companies might opine that maintaining an application outside the cloud runs with fewer maintenance costs. But it is a fact that, since there’s no need to maintain the Servers, Operating Systems, required resource count, an application that runs on the Oracle Cloud costs less compared to its On-Prem costs. Cloud not only facilitates providing infrastructure resources but also empowers the ability to monitor the budgets by not exceeding.

It also offers more significant savings on time – by solving the complex tasks with minimal resources and cost – by following the Oracle Compute Unit (OCPU) billing type rather than RAM and CPU.

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2. Better Security

When we asked a few customers who migrated to the cloud what makes you switch to the cloud, most of them voted that they are facing security concerns. With the provisions Fast Connect, IPSec VPN, you can be assured that the data traveling never happens over the public internet. Also, OCI enables us to run our machine-critical workloads with complete control, including the security features such as data encryption for both in-transition and static data, detailed logs, third-party software support, and more.

Using these features, you can make your applications more secured.

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3. Future Ready

Oracle is known for its greater reinvesting into their company’s offerings for more incredible innovation and strength of the applications, which is the main reason why they have become the leading choices for all-sized businesses that require reliable and modern working systems. Compared to the other cloud platforms, Oracle offers a greater Return on Investment (RoI) that can empower the businesses by moving to the cloud.

OCI also supports long-term business objectives and strategies with ease offering the control to increase/decrease workloads, develop new apps and perform more according to the change in market conditions effortlessly with more Agility as well.

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4. Streamlined Performance

Since its inception, OCI’s primary goal is to outperform its competitors, and, in this factor, it has succeeded. With its flat network design, performance is fast and predictable. Also, OCI had 2 to 5x advantages in independent testing to AWS in the end-to-end workload performance.

OCI not only allows companies to click less, automate more but also provides true streamlined performance via shared infrastructure that helps empower the entire business to scale up and run faster, meeting the demands with ease.

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5. Future Scalability

Using OCI, there is no need to bother about Servers, Licenses, Additional Resources anymore. At ease, OCI enables us to scale up our compute instances either horizontally or vertically with its auto-scaling feature reducing to handle the manual issues. For example, this feature helps to minimize the downtime or cut Go-Live over a period in the case of upgrades. It can be achieved by boosting the compute instances with required CPUs.

We can also add the Virtual Servers on-demand to support innovative processes, data capabilities, or applications or even scale back if there’s no need for some resources.

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