Aleris Increases Agility Of Its Supply Chain With DevOps Automation

Key Technologies: Oracle Middleware SOA, DOX

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About Aleris

Aleris International is a Forbes-listed global leader in aluminum rolled products for aerospace, construction, containers and packaging, and auto industries. Aluminum usage in automobiles is on the rise. The Ford F150 is now replacing steel with aluminum to reduce the overall weight and increase MPG.

The Challenges

As Aleris braced itself for a 10x growth trajectory, it faced a complex issue in material order supply and fulfillment. Delivery vehicles were being held up at the assembly lines due to delays in the delivery of Shipment Notice Documents (ASN), which were not syncing with material delivery. This directly impacted the customer experience of their clientele and resulted in huge penalties for the company.

Despite an SLA of 20 minutes, Aleris could only process and communicate the ASNs in about 45 minutes using their traditional EDI. Further, with the company’s rapid growth, they had a pressing need for an EDI that was real-time, cohesive, visible, data integrated and provided an end-to-end transaction experience. The existing EDI fell short on several counts.

The Solution

The RingMaster CloudOps platform automated the Oracle Middleware SOA at Aleries to accomplish the following:

  • Efficient SOA implementation and adoption for quicker ROI
  • Establish DevOps processes for scalable SOA solution deployments
  • Enable real-time EDI along with visibility and accountability to transactions

The Result

  • 0 penalties due to elimination of delays caused by syncing
  • 65% reduction in TCO
  • 75% reduction in deployment time

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