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Looking to Resolve Complex Computing problem with ease? Engineering capabilities and years of experience in delivering solutions for HPC, Cloud, AI/ML/DL makes us unique, given that the industry is seeking advantage of disruptive convergence.


HPC is dramatically changing the playing field. In the past years, it has grown from an innovative feature used only by the most advanced scientific research centres, to a tool that enables organisations across industries to gain advantages of Big Data.

We offer comprehensive solutions for High Performance Computing based on loosely coupled clusters, SMP, accelerator based systems, High Performance storage, and application parallelization. We have designed domain specific solutions considering the challenges and business requirements of respective industry verticals. In addition, our services can help organizations to optimize and overcome obstacles to parallelism buy adopting revolutionary approaches to High Performance Computing.

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From the beginning, HPC has been involved in the modelling and simulation of complex physical and quasi-physical systems. Modelling and simulation analysis enables an organization to gain a better understanding of a certain project, without the need to actually test the product in real-life. Thanks to this approach, for example, Tesla was able to have the early edition of the Tesla Roadster pass dozens of tests, without the need for dozens of cars that could be crashed (as is traditionally done in the automotive industry).

What Tesla did in developing the Tesla Roadster has become common practice for Tesla. But also in other industry, simulation analysis can save companies a lot of money when developing new products. Thousands of iterations can quickly be tested taking into account hundreds of different variables. Based on the outcome of each simulation, the eventual product is improved. High-Performance Computing is required to perform these millions of simulations, at least if you want to get it done relatively quickly.

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Universities Leverage High-Performance Computing for Multiple Returns on Investment

As computing power becomes increasingly commoditized (and therefore more affordable), faculty in the humanities and social sciences are becoming HPC users. Different universities are taking a different approach to provisioning HPC resources, but all are supporting various types of research to attract talented faculty and to support their work. Because, in today’s competitive landscape; If you build it, they will come — or, at the very least, if you don’t build it, they’ll probably go somewhere else. The “it” here refers to high-performance computing resources, and “they” refers to talented faculty members. More and more, HPC is becoming a competitive differentiator for institutions vying for top researchers.
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For Pharma & Lifesciences – It’s research time reduced

High Performance Computing (HPC) allows scientists and engineers to solve complex, compute-intensive problems. HPC applications often require high network performance, fast storage, and large amounts of memory, very high compute capabilities, or all of these. Utilize high performance computation (HPC) clusters in minutes and scale capacity quickly to avoid research bottlenecks caused by resource limitations.
  • Reduce time to insight
  • Simplify global collaborations
  • Support compliance & enhance security
  • Improve operational efficiency
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  • Leaders in HPC with more than 200 installations.
  • HPC Lifecycle Management: Unique methodology to provision a complete HPC environment (on-premise Or cloud) for the entire lifecycle of HPC infra or Application.
  • Across Industry Verticals for various workloads. Acknowledged strengths in Defense, Life Science, Energy (O&G), Scientific Research, Auto & Engineering.
  • Automation & Containerization: Effectively use Cloud automation to speed up HPC cluster (CPU or GPU) provisioning, Performance Storage, network etc. along with HPC middle ware tools. Use container technology for faster application provision.
  • Largest Super Computing Class System on Simulation and Modeling is built by us.

Case Reference


Customer Need

  • Build a 300TF Hybrid HPC System to run complex CFD workloads
  • Test application scalability on hybrid environments and optimize the HPC infrastructure for superior application performance

Solution – HPC Infra Build, Integration & Remote Support

  • Locuz HPC Services – Implementation, optimization and support services including:
  • Achieving 77% HPL efficiency.
  • Implementation of middleware tools (pHPC for scheduler , Cluster manager and user portal) ; Compilers (PGI and Intel) ; CUDA Libraries and environment.
  • Integrating end users applications to Hybrid GPGPU environment for optimal performance.
  • Implementation of GPFS based parallel file system for 4GB/Sec of write throughput on 200TB usable storage.


  • Single point ownership for complete integration of HPC infrastructure

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